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Artificial Quartz Slab for Countertops

Artificial quartz stone is a popular and reliable choice for countertops. Quartz countertops come in a wide range of colors, patterns and tones making them a versatile option for many interior design styles. Quartz countertop colors range from solid, monochromatic hues to boldly patterned designs with intricate movement and veining. Many popular quartz designs showcase neutral or earth tones and reflect the look of granite, marble, or other stones. Quartz colors can also be unique and vibrant, including reds, blues, greens, and golds.

White quartz countertops are particularly popular as they can be paired with any color cabinet, with all-white kitchens with quartz countertops particularly being popular in recent years. The best white quartz countertops are solid colors. White cabinets with quartz white countertops will give off a beautiful simple elegant ambiance. A quartz countertop, white decor and all, will make a stunning statement. White kitchens with white quartz countertops; you can’t go wrong! Pure white quartz kitchen counters with dark cabinets are also a great idea. Pair it with a matching white quartz kitchen island, and you have a kitchen worthy of being a magazine cover. Solid white quartz countertops can pair with just about anything! Beautiful white quartz colors will be the rescue for your home’s bland decor.

What Is The Average Size Of A Slab Of Quartz?

The average size of a standard slab of quartz is 55 or 56 inches by 120 inches. But slabs can range from 110 to 120 inches by 55 to 70 inches, depending on where you source them. The most common thickness is 3 centimeters or approximately 1.18 inches. However, you can find thin and ultra-thin slabs available. Thin slabs are 2 centimeters thick, or roughly three-quarters of an inch. Ultra-thin slabs have a thickness of 1.3 centimeters, which is only ½-inch.

As you can probably guess, these thinner slabs are less expensive and lighter. However, they’re also less durable since their thin quality makes them more susceptible to cracking and other damage. Thicker slabs provide more strength and durability and also tend to offer a higher-end look. These are all things to consider when contemplating the thickness of your quartz slabs.

How Much Do Quartz Slabs Cost?

The average cost for a quartz slab is between $75 and $100 per square foot. Higher quality, thicker slabs can cost closer to $100 to $150 per square foot. Luxury slabs can surpass $200 per square foot.

Of course, a lot of factors influence cost, including where you buy it, quality, thickness, and style. However, these figures are good ballparks if you’re trying to get a rough estimate for your upcoming design project. To save money, you can opt for lower-quality quartz that may have discoloration or other cosmetic imperfections. These slabs can run closer to $50 to $65 per square foot.

How About Quartz Slab Surface Finishes?

There are many kinds of quartz finishes. Honed quartz, or a quartz with a more matte finish, are a very mature quartz option for your home. If you aren’t a fan of the glossiness of polished quartz, consider looking for a stone slab of quartz with honed in the title. A honed quartz countertop is a highly unique option. Honed quartz maintenance is similar to polished quartz countertop maintenance. Another option is leathered quartz countertops, which is perfect for an individual looking for slightly textured quartz countertops. Regardless, all types of quartz will be beautiful and durable. Whether honed vs polished quartz, or even leathered, your quartz stone feature will look gorgeous, but in a different style. White quartz texture in a more matte style or a more polished style will bring about a different ambiance to your home. Quartz countertop texture is one of the many ways you can customize your countertops. You will not have to worry about dull quartz countertops with the many finishes available to customize your home.

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